Nissan parts Kiev

Nissan parts kiev

The automotive aftermarket manufacturer Febest's product catalogue includes over 10 000 items of automotive spare parts, which are analogues for more than 50 000 of original parts.

The repair parts catalogue is constantly updated - every month the company produces 100-200 new articles. The Febest production in the catalogue is divided into 9 categories: "Bearings", "Body Elements", "Braking System", "Clutch System", "CV Joints", "Rubber Parts", "Suspension", "Universal Joints", and "Other".

The car parts catalogue offers rich opportunities for searching necessary spare parts: by the model and category, OEM, name, size, and, of course, by the Febest article.


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Mirage Fix 4 | Steering, Alternator, Timing Belt & Water Pump 4G15

Welcome to (ACP) website of East China Automobile Association, Shanghai (ECAAS)– leading auto parts supplier and manufacturer in China for aftermarket needs.

We are the export trading arm of our customers in China, managing supply chains for our clients worldwide. ECAAS - auto parts exporter from China. In addition to the wide range and variety of products available 150 000 kinds. Also through ECAAS service our customers can send goods from dozens of factory’s in one container. ECAAS also leverages its strengths in custom product design (OEM and branded goods) and development to provide complete global sourcing solutions for its customers (OEM and aftermarket solutions). ECAAS certified auto parts manufacturer in China.

ECAAS is committed to meeting the needs of international businesses through competitive pricing (lowest in market); impeccable quality (R&D center + international quality certificate); reliable (first - interest of our customers), on-time delivery (shortest leading time 5-20 days); and the highest standards of service. Taking full advantage of modern technology, a dedicated Extranet links together all the key components of the supply chain to provide tracking capabilities, streamline the flow of business information and provide much more granular control of supply chain activities.

The ECAAS leverages its intimate market knowledge, cutting-edge production technology and state-of-the-art information systems to ensure that all orders are delivered on time, on budget, and according to customers' exact specifications. We take care of all vital aspects of the supply chain so that our customers - leading retailers and brands - can focus on their customers. Professionalism, experience and integrity have earned ECAAS its reputation as the Chinese leading auto parts manufacturer exporter company. Dedicated teams of car parts specialists focus on each customer order to professionally manage the entire supply chain - from product design and development, production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation, to shipping control.


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Наши преимущества:

  • Продажа автозапчастей на все виды легковых иномарок.
  • Отслеживание состояния заказа автозапчастей онлайн (в своём личном кабинете Вы отслеживаете на какой стадии готовности ваш товар).
  • Разнообразные способы оплаты(с любого банка или терминала Украины вы можете сделать оплату товара).
  • Помощь в подборе оформлении и получении заказа, закрепление персонального эксперта по подбору и продажам автозапчастей. А так же удобный и понятный способ самостоятельного подбора автозапчастей на сайте.
  • Доставка в любую точку Украины(отправляем транспортными компаниями: Новая Почта, Интайм, Гюнсел, Деливери). А так же курьером по городу Киеве.
  • Широкий выбор по брендам, срокам, ценам(более 12 млн. автозапчастей на все легковые иномарки).
  • Наложенный платёж(мы отправляем Вам товар ,оплата по факту получения на вашем отделении транспортной компании).


Наша миссия улучшить удобство и комфорт езды на автомобиле.



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Posted on: November 15, 2016

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