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Decorative curtains for living room are the best way to catch the eyes of our guests, but it has to match with the living room theme and complement with other furniture. Curtains not only used to decorate a living room, but it also block out light coming from our windows, depending on what type of curtain we are using, thus giving our living room a warm or bright light.

Furthermore, hanging curtains with the right fabric and pattern can make our windows look smaller, larger, narrower or wider. If we want to add vertical height to our living room, we can fix a pelmet to the ceiling and hang a floor length living room curtains, we can have our windows look wider by extending the pelmet. Curtains do the magic trick turning our boring living room into designer living room. We would want to get a double sided curtain if people can see through our windows from outside.

Dressing up the windows not only create privacy for us, but also offers us a peace and harmony atmosphere. On top of that, we can select different type of curtain rode which is the best option for our living room curtains, and this curtain rode can be categorized according to materials, styles and mechanism. They are also available in various of shapes and colors to suit different types of living room theme.

Pick one that suits our curtain style and our living room theme the most. Always keep in mind that the curtains’ design for our living room theme does reflect our personalities.Anyhow, before purchasing curtains, we might need to consider which curtain style we want to hang it in our living room which suit our taste and also match with our living room theme.Different Curtain Style for Our Choice

Curtain styles will make a huge difference to our living room appearance, either traditional, modern, etc. So be very specific when choosing a curtain style which fits our living room theme, a wrong selection will mess up our theme. Floor length living room curtains look good with the doors and windows if we have a large living room. Tie back curtains look just right with the combination of light fabric.

When we tie our curtains with a tie back clips or holder, we can see the light fabric in middle with the tie back curtains tied at each end. Tab top curtains is a very simple, modern and contemporary style, this type of curtains is very cheap and easy to fit. Curtains with pelmets is just perfect for traditional living room decor. There are a lot more curtain styles we can find in the market, pick one that suit our taste and theme the most. Let the curtains do the magic in our living room.

Beside curtain styles, we might need to take consideration into curtain types. To filter light, sash curtain is good for us. To block out light, draw curtain is our choice to go. For decorative purposes, over-drapery curtain best suits our need.Place to Look for Living Room Curtains

Now we have ideas on how to decorate a living room with curtains, the next thing is to find places selling a wide range of curtains for living room.

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Welcome to our gallery featuring a lovely collection of living rooms with curtains and drapes.

This collection consists of a wide variety of eclectic living rooms, ranging in style from ultra modern to traditional and luxurious.

Look for a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns throughout this gallery, and not only in the curtains!

These living rooms tend to be heavy in pattern and color, both subtle and bright. Florals are a popular pattern for curtains, as one or two panels tend not to overpower a room the way a sofa or rug might.

Look for heavier drapes combined with sheers across the window to preserve privacy, but not block the light entirely.

Curtains have many different uses, including trapping heat, blocking light, and preserving privacy, but in contemporary design, curtains are usually an accent piece, and blinds may be used for privacy on windows where it’s necessary.

In this gallery, most of the curtains are decorative in nature, providing contrast to furniture or walls, or reinforcing the style of a room. For example, it’s very easy to tell a room is traditional if the curtains are thick, dark, and have tassels.

In the end, how you decide to use your curtains in your design is entirely up to you, whether you choose to use them as purely decoration, or for a more functional purpose.

We hope you’ll find your inspiration in this gallery of lovely living rooms!

The eye-popping pattern of these brown and cream curtains contrast strongly with the textured solid furniture upholstery throughout the room. All the texture and patterns make for an eclectic design.

The subtle texture of these butter-yellow curtains complements the delicate floral motif of the chair and accent pillows.

Billowy white curtains are thick enough to fully obscure and maintain the privacy of the occupants when they are pulled to cover the massive seamless windows.

A delicate pattern in the curtains that matches accent pieces in the room is a great way to add visual interest and tie solid pieces into an overall design scheme.

In a more traditional living room, thick, heavy drapes are held back by a tasseled curtain tie back. Regardless of whether the drapes will ever be closed, they frame large windows beautifully.

As we pull back our view of the seating we can see that the windows are a set of bay windows, and the curtains continue around the corner.

The incredible elegance of these drapes and the accompanying valance corresponds with the deep tray ceiling and the varying shades of neutral beige throughout the space.

In a two-story great room, curtains can be used to frame an entire wall with layers of windows. The deep red of these ones are picked up by small accents throughout the space.

Another example of massive windows being framed by heavy, ornate drapes. In this case, a floor-to-ceiling bay window is being framed.

For large windows that are separated by a section of wall, try using two separate sets of curtains, rather than one single one.

Rich satin curtains are paired with sleek leather seating and a contemporary dark wood coffee table. Elegant, almost feminine, accents are scattered throughout the space.

This incredibly luxurious and ornate living room has equally ornate drapes. The shades are also fabric and are gathered at the center in an immensely attractive way.

In another traditional French Country living room, the windows are covered by a sheer patterned curtain, which is framed by rich cream colored curtains in the same pattern. The display is topped by a tasseled valance in burgundy.

These lovely multi-colored curtains make a bold statement in this casual and eclectic living room.

Simple beige curtains can take narrow, high windows and pull the eye down to the floor, adding height to the room.

This casual living room and sunroom has bamboo curtain rods that extend around the perimeter of the room. Sheer curtains on grommets can easily be shifted around the room.

The festive cream and light red valance adds a whimsical air to this otherwise simple, contemporary living room.

Soft sage green solid curtains complement the striped couch and textured armchairs. A wavy geometric rug covers the light hardwood flooring.

Two layers of sheer curtains provide privacy, but still let in plenty of light. The delicate texture is a direct contrast to the snake-skin textured accent wall behind the sectional sofa.

In a mostly white living room, sheer curtains in a slightly more neutral shade are a welcome change and provide an easier transition to some of the darker furniture.

This interesting style has a single patterned panel on the far side of each window, with a draped sheer panel on the other side, looped over to act as a valance as well.

The most interesting feature of these curtains are the way that they perfectly match the wallpaper, seeming to almost be part of the wall.

When added to the already sunny yellow living room, these strawberry motif curtains add a charming, quaint detail that picks up the color of the accent pillows and of the beautiful vase of flowers.

These beautiful curtains are pattern heavy, in black and beige. They form a striking contrast to the striped chair and solid loveseat.

The light shining on these red curtains turns them almost gold-orange, adding an extra layer of dimension to this simple two-color design.

This traditional living room has a few pops of color in the furniture upholstery, which pull from the floral pattern of the drapes.

A simple leaf motif on the green and chocolate brown curtains echoes the matching motif on blankets and throw pillows.

The height of these curtains lengthens the room and adds color to the neutral walls.

Floral curtains add an additional feminine touch to the light pink armchair, and accents throughout this room.

This living room is another great example of how colorful curtains can really brighten up a neutral space.

Thick drapes are a hallmark of traditional design, and go well with the parquet floor and crown molding.

The light, yet bright green goes beautifully with the watermelon pink sofa and throw pillows.

Paired with a bold floral print armless chair, these more subtle dahlia curtains act as a complementary piece.

In this case, the bold floral pattern of these turquoise and brown curtains pulls color from the other patterns, creating a layered effect.

Another instance of bold floral curtains that match accents in a modern living room.

These couches have matching patterns in complimentary colors for a kitschy, quaint cottage feeling.

This living room has a more toned down design, with soft plaids and dusky blues. The curtains frame French doors.

The odd shape of the walls seem to cut away the tops of the yellow and red tasseled curtains when viewed from outside the living room area.

A subtle geometric pattern in the curtains complements the array of patterns on the sofa and throw pillows.

Heavy traditional curtains in a light blue frame the bay windows behind a small table and armless chairs.

The red and gold curtains in the living room add a depth of color and warmth to this light living room design.

The sleek gray curtains are hidden at the top by crown molding. The simple design complements the sleek lines of the rest of the furniture.

Red damask curtains complement salmon pink in in the furniture. A gilded mirror adds to the luxury of the room.

These blue floral curtains appear green where the light is shining through. Matching throw pillows on the solid dark brown sofa tie the design together.

In an attic living room, curtains are draped between and upper and lower curtain rod, creating a tent-like feeling.

Sheer curtains with a subtle pattern are hung between two sets of large windows in this great room.

Sheer curtains below side panels allow you to keep the look of your drapes while not having to constantly tie back your heavier curtains.

A heavy pattern in your curtains can easily be balanced by a lighter solid in the walls floor, or sofa.

In an open-concept space, areas can be defined by using different curtains. In this space, an archway leading into another room is framed by tasseled curtains and a valance.

This living room has an unique set of curtains, with the rods held at a slant.On the long wall of window, three panels are held up by three knobs.

Bold yellow curtain panels make a striking statement in this mostly white and cream living room. The multi-tonal wood floors add warmth as well.

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