curtains in the kitchen

Curtains in the kitchen

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Kitchen and Remodeling - Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Are you planning to make a small change to the kitchen that gives it a fresh look without being a pricey investment? A simple way is to change the kitchen curtains. Great looking kitchen curtains can not only bring a wow feel to your kitchen, it can also control the amount of sun. All you need is to get thick or thin cloth kitchen curtains according to whether you want the kitchen to be sunny or shady.

If the kitchen lies in the direct path of the noon sun and you have white walls, you can go for thick curtains with bold stripes and geometric patterns. For a kitchen done up in a light shade you can either go for contrasting color kitchen curtains or those in a matching shade. Small kitchens benefit from brightly patterned curtains in floral or fruity themes. To bring the sun into the kitchen and make it look colorful choose white curtains in many colors or a single colored design. Pay attention to the walls when you change the curtains. With light-colored walls you can go for light shaded curtains with pretty patterns. You can also create interesting patterns in the sunshine by going for curtains with interesting textures. Keep the base cloth white or off-white so that the sunlight can stream in easily. If you are the hands-on kind of person who loves a bit of threadwork a simple idea is to get white cloth and make curtains with pretty borders in a solid color or a checked pattern. For Kitchen Curtain Ideas that make the curtains less of a decorative object go for curtains with pockets for storing small kitchen daily use items.

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Brown Kitchen Curtain

Done up in a mainly white theme this small kitchen gets a spot of bright color from the printed brown curtains.

Kitchen Kilt Patterns

Bright checked patterns in a bold brown shade, these kitchen curtains bring a warm feel to the sunlit white space.

Kitchen Kilt Patterns

White Kitchen Curtains

This large and spacious kitchen looks even bigger thanks to the long white kitchen curtains with a navy blue border.

Homemade Kitchen Curtain Idea

The black and white checks bordered homemade kitchen curtains look beautiful in this sunny kitchen window.

Homemade Kitchen Curtain Idea

Edelweiss Theme

Small and white, clean and bright, these kitchen curtains may remind you of the famous line from the ‘Edelweiss’ song.

Patchwork Hearts Curtain

Take a look at these super cute kitchen curtains with patchwork hearts applique designs.

Kitchen Polish

This beautiful kitchen comes with shiny floors and cupboards done up in warm wood with kitchen curtains in the same shade.

Kitchen Polish

Kitchen Match

Flowers spill over from the crockery and the matching kitchen curtains in this delicately vintage style kitchen.

Rainbow Stripes Kitchen Curtain

Made of colorful striped cloth these kitchen curtains may make you think of a rainbow in this kitchen.

Rainbow Stripes Kitchen Curtain

Curtain Gold Shimmer

A classy combination of gold floral patterns on a white background makes these kitchen curtains look elegant.

Kitchen Floral Curtain

The densely floral print of these kitchen curtains seems well matched to the greenery right outside the kitchen.

Bubble Dream Curtains

White curtains with a print of many sized bubbles bring a light and airy feel to this small kitchen.

Kitchen Curtains Yellow

This sunny kitchen looks even warmer thanks to the pretty golden curtains put up at the window.

Kitchen Curtains Yellow

My Kitchen Curtain

This small kitchen space gets a bright look from the peachish pink kitchen curtains. Check out the handy curtain pockets.

Kitchen Curtain Red Checks

Red checked patterns make for an intricate design in the curtains of this kitchen with a red and white theme.

Kitchen Curtain Borders

Check out these white kitchen curtains that come with pretty red borders for a touch of brightness.

Blue Kitchen Curtains

The refreshing blue shade of the kitchen walls is matched by the pretty blue patterned curtains.

Sunny Kitchen

The kitchen curtains in this predominantly white kitchen feature bright and colorful patterns on a white background.

Yellow Kitchen Curtain Checks

Check out these white kitchen curtains that come with an orange checked border and pretty orange flowers in the design.

Yellow Kitchen Curtain Checks

Maroon Theme Curtains

The mix of wide and thin maroon stripes gives a bright look to these off-white kitchen curtains.

Garden Theme Kitchen Curtains

These curtains with their pretty green vertical patterns bring the green of the garden into the kitchen.

Cherry Theme Kitchen Curtain

The design of hanging bunches of cherries brings a fruity flavor to these kitchen curtains with red matching borders to complete the look.

Cherry Theme Kitchen Curtain

Balloon Pattern Kitchen Curtains

Colorful outlines of balloons sit pretty in these blue hued patterned kitchen curtains

Indian Colors Kitchen Curtains

The chrome yellow base with densely checked dark brown and red patterned borders gives a bright and cheery feel to these kitchen curtains.

Borders Kitchen Curtains

These kitchen curtains use an interesting texture for the base cloth thus filtering out sunlight while the pretty pictures theme red border adds a bright touch.

Leafy Kitchen Curtains

Pale green with intricate leaf patterns these curtains bring a touch of nature to the kitchen.

Say Crow

The uniqueness of these kitchen curtains lies in the intricate crow motifs in red along with the matching red decorative border.

White And Red

The white textures of the kitchen curtain go well with the teapot patterns outlined in red in the design.

White And Red

Kitchen Curtain Checked Decor

This kitchen uses a play of red checks for the curtains to give a bold and cheery feel to the space.

Kitchen Curtain Checked Decor

Striped Curtains

Bold stripes in many colors bring a cheerful feel to the kitchen curtains while the thick cloth base keeps out the sun.


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Posted on: October 27, 2016

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