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Renovation Experts has completed 100s of projects in interior renovations over the past 6 years ranging in both scope and size.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship, clear timelines, outstanding project management and competitive pricing.

Our teams are specialists in specific aspects of interior renovations which means that quality is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our priority.


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How much should I spend?

As a first homeowner you should avoid taking risks when renovating and spend conservatively. To make sure you don’t overcapitalise (when you spend more on a house than what you can sell it for) it’s a good idea not to spend more than 5% of the purchase price on renovations.

So based on the current median national house price of 7,500 (source: ABS), your renovation budget shouldn’t be much more than ,000.

Should I renovate?

Just because you can afford to renovate, doesn’t make it the right decision. You should consider all the pros and cons before committing your time and money:


  • Added resale value.
  • Make your home more comfortable and improve your standard of living.
  • Invest in quality fixtures and fittings that will stand the test of time.
  • Save time and money by renovating instead of re-locating. You can avoid all the stamp duty, agency and legal fees that come with moving by re-modelling your home to suit your changing needs.


  • Potential to overspend and overcapitalise.
  • May have to move out of home while works are being completed (or live in dust!).

What should I renovate?

For the best return on your renovation spend, you should be selective in your renovation choices. Some common value-adding renovation projects include highly-trafficked rooms like:



  • Install a canopy rangehood and dishwasher.
  • Use stone for surfaces.
  • Keep the design open-plan.


  • Purchase expensive fixtures and fittings.
  • Compromise bench and storage space.
  • Use an unusual colour palette.

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  • Install a frameless glass shower.
  • Lay floor-to-ceiling tiles – Include a double vanity (if there’s room).



  • Make extensive changes to the plumbing.
  • Replace a combined bathtub/tub with a shower only.
  • Overuse mosaic tiling.

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Other renovation works to consider

New flooring

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Extra bedroom

Deck or patio

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Take your time

Although you might not be able to do it all, if you take your time to select the areas of your home that would benefit most from a revamp, you stand to boost your standard of living – and bank balance.

Council fees?

Don’t forget to also allow for council application fees (check with your local council for prices, which can be up to 00 approx) and budget for an additional 10% on top of your planned costs, so you’re prepared for any unexpected expenses.



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Posted on: October 1, 2016

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